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Inside Northlight: Sensible Safety Ltd

01 Dec 2020 –– Testimonial
Company Directors, Damian Chung (left) and Chris Fancy (right)

Sensible Safety offer health and safety training and advice, helping companies comply with regulations.

“When you approach Northlight coming over the hill, it’s a very impressive, professional looking site while maintaining the historical look of the building” - Damian Chung, MD

Sensible Safety moved into Northlight looking for a base of operations and somewhere to run their health and safety training sessions. Health and safety legislation can be complicated, and Sensible Safety makes it easier for companies to comply. They’re experts at translating complicated information into plain English.

How did you hear about Northlight?

We used to do safety audits on the building before it was renovated and we’ve come to know the people who actually did the work.

The look and feel of the place is amazing. At first we thought it was going to be a luxury hotel. The building and views are fantastic. This place is such an impressive building, it’s a piece of cultural and industrial history, given a new lease of life. All over the area people are talking about it.

Why did you choose Northlight?

“It’s a very, very good location for training. You’ve got peace and quiet, all the units are separated, the breakout areas are comfortable, it’s ideal”

The support is all here. It’s the whole package, everything you need is on site when you want it.

In our training sessions we often stream videos so we needed the superfast internet connection and audio visual facilities. There’s not just one thing that made us choose Northlight. It’s everything together, the attention to detail and the quality of the renovation.

Because we do some quite complex training, it can be a bit heavy so it’s important that our delegates have somewhere to relax during breaks. The public spaces at Northlight are perfect for that, there’s somewhere comfortable to have your morning coffee break, then back to work.

Aside from Sensible Safety, we’re running two other businesses from Northlight. This location is perfect because it gives us the flexibility we need to run all three organisations from the same place. The business facilities here are great and I’d recommend Northlight to everyone.

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