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Inside Northlight - HIFU Clinics North West

01 Dec 2020 –– Testimonial
Company Directors, Louise Chung (left) and Becca Mousley (right)

HIFU Clinics is an aesthetics and beauty clinic. The company offers a range of high-end treatments designed to address internal and external beauty. HIFU Clinics will be using the Northlight facilities as an organisation head office and as a clinic offering beauty treatments.

“When you first see Northlight, it’s fantastic, it’s a beautiful building, and when you get through the door it just gets better and better” - Directors Louise Chung and Becca Mousley

How did you hear about Northlight?

Word of mouth - we were told about Northlight by a friend. We came to have a look around and we knew this was the right location for our business. There’s a real buzz about Northlight right now, it’s a super place to be.

Why did you choose to base the business here?

It made a lot of sense right from the start. We offer a really high-quality range of beauty treatments so we needed a location that would look the part. With a service like ours, we’re providing a complete experience so the location, the building, the decoration, are all vital to our business. We were looking for an impressive office to match our business – and we found it at Northlight.

“The beauty of this facility is that we can expand into it. We’re looking at starting a training academy next year and Northlight gives is the flexibility to do that”

It’s all very upmarket, for example there’s a concierge service and the managed reception facility is going to underpin and support the business. The general renovation is a very high standard. That’s what we were looking for and it’s what our clients are looking for too.

On top of that we were really impressed with all the public areas. It gives us plenty of networking opportunities and the chance to tell people about our business. We hope to find clients right here among our neighbours at Northlight.

Is there one thing that really impressed you?

It’s the whole package, there’s no one single thing that stood out for us. If we had to choose it’d be the way they’ve renovated the building.

“The whole aesthetic of the building is fantastic. It’s been really sympathetically restored”

It’s become a tremendous asset for the local area and further afield. It makes a statement with the wow factor. It’s in keeping with the original and it’s very impressive for us, our staff, and our clients. Thanks Northlight!

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